For 30 years of study lifestyle, I have continued to trust, as I were resulted in by others who went before, that my Irish ancestor was Chief John PIGOTT, of Kingis Denver, who had a daughter named John PIGOTT who had been delivered in Dublin about 1759. John Senior sailed from Plymouth, 9 March 1690, for that West Indies, as a small official within Emergency Plumber Dublin the Duke of Bolton's Program (later Henry HOLT's); their ship created the main West Indies Squadron, under demand of Commodore Lawrence WRIGHT, provided for target protection issues as a result of dangerous French task while in the area, including Antigua, where the Squadron appeared on 30 May 1690.

PILKINGTONis first marriage had finished in scandal 1738 he divorced his first wife, Laetitia Van LEWEN, quoting her infidelity with a Mr ADAIR; by her fairly short lived friendship with Jonathan SWIFT she'd acquired for PILKINGTON a post as Chaplain towards the Lord Mayor of London; she published her Memoirs in Dublin in 1748, and died on 29 August 1750.

The father, David PIGOTT Senior, was himself a newer daughter of Thomas PIGOTT (born about 1640; died in 1702) of Dysart, King's Region, Ireland, by his spouse Elizabeth WELDON (these were committed in Dublin in 1663). Frances Jr extended to boost the children until her death but whether she kept on at Kilcromin, or returned to Barbados , as offered for in her late spouseis will, is not clear; but most likely the latter.