The I Am Hip Hop” Award returns to honor entertainment icon and legendary rapper Snoop Dogg. Intense vulnerability many young people felt with respect to the vicissitudes of every day life, their need for a figure who might resist overt and more subtle accidents” (Dimitriadis four). On this means, Hip Hop artists can be thought to be necessary mentor-esque public figures for young marginalized black youth who would in any other case lack an important pool of relatable leaders.

Despite the nationwide prevalence of Hip Hop in the United States, there stay a robust and vocal fraction of the neighborhood who believe that Hip Hop represents social subversion, chauvinism, aggression, vulgarity, profanity, and little else. One such argument likens the Hip Hop community to a mere vehicle for antagonistic social riot moderately rap music than a credible technique of productive social restratification. Members of the hip hop nation kind an ‘imagined neighborhood' that's primarily based less on its realization by state formation than on a collective problem to the consensus logic of U.S. nationalism” (Decker fifty four).

Music simultaneously reflects trends, beliefs, situations in society, and evokes attitudinal progression and social change. Traditionally oppressed teams are in a position to make use of the music to convey their plight and circumstances, and in that means rebel in opposition to both overtly and covertly oppressive conventionalities within that society. Since its inception, Hip Hop has progressed to the purpose the place, to a sure extent, it governs culture. Hip Hop Nation transforms from being a mere method of commercial and awareness promotion into a formidable cultural force within itself that has a heavy hand within the construction of each particular person and group identities.